Thursday 4 February 2010

Whyteleafe, Tandridge By-election result: UKIP gets 13%

UKIP did well in Tandridge on 2nd Feb 2010, gaining 13% of the vote! Labour did not contest the seat.

Interestingly, UKIP came out of nowhere, so up 13%, The Tories lost 11% and the LibDems gained 3%.

The turnout was 28.9%.

CandidatePartyNo of votes %
Jeffrey BolterUK Independence Party99 13
Chris KrishnanConservative236 30
David LeeLiberal Democrats444



ukipwebmaster said...

It's all good!

phil said...
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phil said...

made an error in the %-ages you quoting here (originally) i think - but to come back to the result, good ukip result if for firat time of standing!

The (present - as i send this) figure of 5% is a typo i expect.... although wishful thinking too!

Anonymous said...

Yes, an excellent first result!

Thanks for point out the error, Phil. Copy & paste error - should be 57.

Blogger said...

Superb - beating lib dems in europe was great and shows that UKIP is credible - getting double figures in UK elections just reinforces the point.

We have a springboard for this GE - we really have to make the most of it - by the next one we will have lost all our national infrastructure (especially military) and independence will be a thousand times harder...

Twig said...

UKIP should think about maximising their postal votes the way Labour do.