Wednesday 7 April 2010

The election cometh

So, the election has been called at last and the country will be going to the polls on May 6th.

Experts are predicting a hung parliament after this election which means that smaller parties like UKIP will potentially have a bigger part to play in Westminster than if one of the LibLabCon has an outright majority.

Many people will be tempted to vote "tactically" in this election to either to keep out Brown or Cameron.  This only plays into the hands of the LibLabCon because when you vote for someone you don't want just to prevent someone else you don't want from winning, all you end up with is 5 years of a whole lot someones you don't want.

UKIP is fielding over 500 candidates in the general election and they are listed on the UKIP candidates website.  Your local UKIP branch probably has its own website as well and most of them will be listed on the UKIP Local website.  UKIP's policies and the manifesto can be found on the UKIP website.

Take the time to find out more about your UKIP candidate, get in touch with them and ask them their opinions on things that are a priority for you.  Forget about party loyalty - the LibLabCon have stolen from us, they have lied to us, they have treated us with contempt.  Vote for the person who believes in the same things as you and who will best represent you.