Sunday 27 June 2010

Farage will be "insufferable" if England beat Germany

Nigel Farage, the Europe-hating xenophobe, has told the Telegraph that he will be "insufferable" if England beat Germany today.

Farage is pretty unique amongst Europe-hating xenohpobes in that he's married to a German. Who is a European. And foreign.

His wife Kirsten will be supporting Germany, he will be supporting England and his two daughters?  Their mother has apparently got them shouting "Come on Germany" to wind him up.

I can sympathise with Nigel's predicament - my two step sons are a quarter Scottish and they sometimes pretend to support Scotland to wind me up and have even managed to get their younger brother and sister to do it as well.  They don't mean it of course but they have a wicked sense of humour and love winding people up (wonder where they got that from).  One of them even put on a Celtic t-shirt the other day and refused to take it off until I told him he wasn't allowed to leave the house unless he did!