Saturday 28 August 2010

NEC Election: the results

Congratulations to Steve Allison, George Curtis, Hugh Williams, Jill Seymour, Mick McGough, Elizabeth Burton and Julia Reid on their election to the UKIP NEC.

The results of the NEC election have annoyed the anti-UKIP EU troll, Junius/Greg Limp-Wrist.  This must mean that the result is good for UKIP because Junius/Greg Limp-Wrist and his EU paymasters are only ever happy when there's something bad to say.  Julia Reid would appear to be the one to watch as the only successful NEC candidate not to be libelled on the Junius/Greg Limp-Wrist websites.

George Curtis and Jill Seymour were both re-elected as existing members of the NEC and Steve Allison achieved the highest number of votes.

The full list of results are as follows:

Steve Allison       2,275
George Curtis       1,849
Hugh Williams       1,748
Jill Seymour        1,696
Michael McGough     1,604
Elizabeth Burton    1,548
Julia Reid          1,491
David Coburn        1,452
Toby Micklethwait   1,326
Ray Finch           1,317
Christopher Pain    1,261
Louise Bours        1,248
Paul Henke          1,198
David Rowlands      1,191
David Black         1,077
Paula Daly          1,051
Marion Mason          958
Kathleen Garner       924
Ralph Atkinson        881
Hilary Jones          863
Winston McKenzie      857
John Harrison         847
Lee Slaughter         832
Steve Povey           822
James Moyies          807
Donald Mackay         789
David Macey           751
Terry Durrance        749
Tony McIntyre         694
Marilyn Swain         687
Rob McWhirter         653
Mike Hookem           634
Bob Macarthur         559
David Duxbury         500
Derek Evans           421
Nigel Carter          392
Charles Dodman        355