Monday, 12 December 2011

FOI submitted for copy of mythical EU treaty

As no details of this mysterious EU treaty that David Cameron claims to have vetoed have yet materialised and the media is ignoring the fact that he has agreed to the creation of a financial transaction tax that will be applied to financial transactions made in the UK by institutions in the UK, we have today submitted the following Freedom of Information request has been made to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office ...
  1. Please provide a copy of the treaty that David Cameron is reported to have vetoed this week. If no draft treaty exists, please provide a précis of the intended purpose and contents of the proposed treaty.
  2. Please confirm the ratification process for the protocol change that was required for the introduction of the financial transaction tax and other measures agreed this week.  Did the UK formally agree to the protocol change, was a veto available on the protocol change and which treaty was the protocol attached to?
  3. Please confirm which financial transactions carried out in the UK and which types of institutions in the UK will be subjected to the financial transaction tax.  Approximately how many institutions in the UK will be subject to the tax, approximately what value of transactions in the UK will be subject to the tax and approximately how much financial transaction tax will be raised in the UK?
No doubt the request will be rejected as a state secret or undermining the principle of collective responsibility or some other guff.