Thursday, 27 December 2012

Farage voted Politician and Man of the Year

Nigel Farage has been voted Politician of the Year by Politics UK and Man of the Year by the Sunday Times.

This year has seen one MP escape a prison sentence for expenses fraud thanks to her fragile mental health (poor lamb) and another fined and given a curfew for headbutting another MP in a House of Commons bar and telling the police "you can't touch me I'm an MP".  Cameron has been caught lying to the public repeatedly, Clegg has openly defied public opinion and Miliband has finally admitted that Labour deliberately and recklessly allowed unsustainable immigration on flawed ideological grounds.

On the continent, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was convicted for tax fraud but will probably never go to prison because he has diplomatic immunity, the Greeks and Spaniards have been violently protesting against their governments, Spain has been bankrupted by its regional governments and the Dutch government collapsed when Geert Wilders withdrew his party from the ruling coalition.

Whilst 2012 for the leaders of the LibLabCon and most of the EU can be summed up with the words fraud, incompetence and corruption, the worst accusation thrown at a UKIP politician is europhile Belgian traitor Guy Verhofstadt describing Nigel Farage as the "biggest waste of money in the EU".

Under Farage's leadership this year UKIP has gone from fourth to third party in the UK, gained an additional MEP and Lord from the Tories, recruited two senior officers from Conservative Future, welcomed many defecting councillors from the LibLabCon and Greens and seen the best election results in the party's history.  If anyone but Farage had won, it would be a travesty.