Friday 24 January 2014

Lords scupper pointless EU Referendum Bill

The Lords have killed off David Cameron's much vaunted but futile EU Referendum Bill with over 80 pointless amendments tabled to waste time and a vote to change the wording of the referendum which means that it needs to go back to the Commons and will almost certainly run out of time.

We're all in this together, comrades.
The law was pointless anyway because Labour would repeal it after the next election. The only way to guarantee an EU referendum is to hold one before the election in 2015 because the Tories are not going to win the next election and even if by some miracle they managed to scrape a win then who in their right mind would trust Cameron not to repeal the law to avoid a referendum anyway?

Labour's Lord Foulkes tabled most of the 80 or so amendments and most of them were complete nonsense. His intention was to scupper the bill in spite of the overwhelming public support for an EU referendum because his personal politics is more important to him than representing the wishes of the electorate.

The only vote we are going to get on our membership of the EU is through the ballot box both in May this year for the EU elections and even more importantly in the 2015 general election. Only UKIP can deliver an EU referendum.