Friday 3 January 2014

Lords warn EU referendum bill unlikely to become law

The House of Lords has warned David Cameron that the bill for an EU referendum in 2017 if the Tories win the next election so Labour can't repeal it might not become law before the end of this Parliament.

The House of Lords Constitution Committee said that their rules "may make it unlikely that the bill would finish the Lords in time for any amendments passed by the Lords to be considered by the Commons on Friday 28 February 2014" which has led David Cameron to threaten to use the Parliament Act to overrule the Lords and pass it anyway.

As has been explained many times by many people, any law requiring an EU referendum in the next parliament is utterly worthless. No Parliament can bind its successor so the law requiring a referendum in 2017 can and will be repealed by a Labour government in 2015. Even if by some miracle Labour don't get a majority at the next elections and the Tories managed to cobble together a government then all we have to prevent it being repealed anyway is a promise by David Cameron and we all know how worthless a Cast Iron Guarantee™ is.

There is only one way that we will leave the EU and that is by voting UKIP.