Sunday 12 January 2014

Spot the difference? and 'Isle drink to that'

I'm not one for writing / blogging however sometimes the keyboard gets the better of me and I get the urge to share and update on some of the goings on from UKIP Thurrock.

Over the festive holidays I met up with Iain Mckie (PPC) on the Isle of Wight, One - to share stories and learn some things, Two - to build links and Three - to pick up some UKIP beer to take back for some friends (much appreciated by all accounts).

To wander into a PH (Perks Bar, Ventnor) on a wet and cold Saturday and to be greeted by one of the incumbent UKIP Councillors (Graham Perks) was an added bonus. It was Caroline's idea we popped in after we spotted the 'sign' outside! A fantastic venue should you visit the Isle of Wight.

Hope you are not bored yet and if you are wondering where am I going with this one ..... well ...

Matters not what part of the country you or I are from, we can find like minded individuals without trying and in greater numbers., some folks from Tenterden in Kent (UKIP supporters) made themselves known once I made a purchase, nice of Graham to pick up the 'tab' for the second ;)

Outside the rain and wind were howling though the atmosphere inside was most pleasant, encouraging and lucid. How was I to know that Thurrock was once called Thorrock? A 1769 jug and records held from local breweries sealed the history ~ on the Isle of Wight of all places ! Who'd a thought it.

Spent the evening with Iain Mckie, very knowledgeable on energy infrastructure and carbon credits, hoping we can arrange a meeting sometime at 'branch' for Iain to share his knowledge, an invite to speak at their local AGM is being looked at.

Me? ~ well the festivities are behind us and now its for us to make a BIG difference in 2014. Spot the difference? - The tired old three parties are way behind the curve when it comes down to how people really FEEL !!!

Best Regards
Peter Philip Smith
Branch Secretary
UKIP Thurrock

... and thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings.