Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Conservative Party member was part of a child kidnap gang

A Tory defector to UKIP who resigned after he was found to have been a member of a gang that kidnapped a child in Karachi in 2004 has made the headlines today after the press found out about his shady past.

Mujeeb Bhutto defected from the Conservatives to UKIP and became the party's Commonwealth spokesman last year. When his conviction for kidnap and blackmail was discovered he resigned and went back to the Tories with his tail between his legs. The Tories have since said that his membership renewal was not accepted but he received an email from the Conservative Party purporting to be from David Cameron thanking him for joining and an email from the chairman of his local constituency association welcoming him back to the party.

The media gleefully reported the "UKIP Comonwealth spokesman" who was part of a kidnapping gang this morning even though he said he had rejoined the Conservatives. It wasn't until the emails confirming he had rejoined the Conservative Party were published on Guido Fawkes that the BBC backtracked and reported his new Tory membership although the newspapers continue to mislead readers by portraying Bhutto as a UKIPper when he's a Tory.