Thursday 13 February 2014

It's Independence Day in Wythenshawe East & Sale

Polls open today in the Wythenshawe East & Sale by-election after what is possibly the dirtiest by-election campaign we have ever seen, with an unholy alliance of Labour and BNP supporters abusing UKIP activists and voters and committing criminal damage.

The police have had to be called to UKIP's campaign headquarters in Sale four times during the campaign because of the hate campaign which has seen a generator stolen from the office, graffiti daubed on the shutters, stink bombs thrown at the office and harassment and abuse of UKIP activists and voters. People in Wythenshawe & Sale have been ordered by Labour and BNP activists to take down UKIP posters from "our houses".

UKIP has seen by-elections where the local Labour mafia believe they own the whole area and have a god-given right to rule it for all eternity but this is the first time that such wanton criminality has been openly used against the party in a by-election campaign.

The result of the election has almost certainly been decided by postal votes, which Labour - with the help of the corrupt trade unions - always has stitched up (literally). With a big turnout there is a chance of toppling the Labour mafia in Wythenshawe East & Sale or at the very least of giving Labour the bloody nose it deserves.