Wednesday 12 March 2014

Tories select former BNP activist for by-election

Grantham & Stamford Conservatives have selected a former BNP activist as their candidate for a South Kesteven District Council by-election.

Dr Peter Moseley appeared on the leaked BNP membership lists complete with the same address and mobile phone number. The Conservatives said "he is dedicated, local and hardworking" and that "supporting Peter is the only way local residents will get the District Councillor they need".

Last year Labour helped get a former Nazi elected in Milton Keynes whilst a local party - For Darwen - got a former BNP councillor elected to Blackburn with Darwen Council in 2010. The Conservatives in Darwen offered a former BNP activist the opportunity to stand for them for Darwen Town Council in 2009. UKIP is the only party that bans past and present members of the BNP, National Front, EDL and other undesirable political parties and groups from becoming members.