Thursday 24 April 2014

Former UKIP MEP trying to trick voters into backing protest party

Former UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass, who left the party in a huff after being deselected last year, has registered his An Independence Party vanity project's slogan for ballot papers as "UK Independence Now".

The party name is very similar to UK Independence Party and clearly intended to trick voters into thinking they're voting for UKIP. Add in the "UK Independence Now" slogan and it's obvious that Nattrass intends to confuse voters.

An Independence Party has managed to stand a full slate of candidates in England which is quite an achievement for a single issue protest party although it's mostly been achieved with family members, disgruntled ex-UKIPpers and by parachuting candidates in from the West Midlands. Every AIP candidate for Yorkshire & Humber, for instance, lives in Coventry or Solihull. Interestingly, Chris Pain who only a few months ago was appealing against a decision to expel him from UKIP is lead candidate for the East of England with his wife - whose name inadvertently appeared as the author in the properties of a supposedly anonymous Word document distributed to  UKIP members inciting rebellion over the MEP selection process - is in second place. How many deposits Nattrass has had to pay to get a full slate of candidates who have no realistic hope of winning is something we'll have to wait to find out when their election expenses statements are filed.

UKIP has yet to make a formal complaint but the party chairman met with the Electoral Commission yesterday and a spokesman has said that the party will fight it all the way and seek judicial review if necessary.