Sunday 27 April 2014

Tory wannabe councillors in Hillingdon admit discrimination against non-Tory areas

The following email has been distributed on behalf of three Conservative candidates for Hillingdon Council, explaining that wards that don't vote Conservative lose out in funding and improvements from the Conservative-controlled council.
Dear resident,

At the forthcoming Hillingdon Council election on 22nd May, residents have the chance to ensure that Northwood Hills is represented by three Conservative councillors able to influence the Council's Executive decision makers.

The evidence of the past few years clearly shows that in areas that don't elect councillors from the same team, are those who lose out on funding for environmental improvements, road resurfacing and grants to local voluntary groups.

We don't wish to see Northwood Hills placed in such a position and therefore ask you to pledge your support for the three of us, to ensure Northwood Hills speaks as one when key decisions are being taken in the Civic Centre.

Yours etc

Jonathan Bianco, Duncan Flynn John Morgan

Show your support for the Northwood Hills Conservatives by replying to this email saying 'We are definitely voting Bianco, Flynn & Morgan for Northwood Hills'.