Friday 2 May 2014

Conservative Councillor makes paedophile joke in council meeting

A Conservative councillor in Northampton has been criticised for making a joke about suspected paedophile and former Lib Dem MP, Cyril Smith in a council meeting.

Lib Dem councillor Sally Beardsworth said she was horrified that Cllr Michael Hill made a joke at the expense of victims of paedophiles. He had said that maintaining a promise in a Lib Dem manifesto was "like putting Cyril Smith in charge of child protection".
A lot of children have suffered terribly at the hands of paedophiles and to make that quip at their expense I thought was horrifying.

I have been on the adoption panel for years and I know how damaged children can be by paedophiles, so it is not something you jest about. I think it back-fired.
Cllr Hill withdrew his comment when asked.