Sunday 11 May 2014

English Democrats MEP candidate calls for forced repatriation of immigrants

An English Democrats MEP candidate in the East Midlands euroregion has called for the forced repatriation of immigrants and their descendants.

Oliver Healey is number four on the MEP list for the English Democrats in the East Midlands despite living in Telford which is in the West Midlands euroregion. He has been promoting his policy that "repatriation either voluntary or compulsory must now begin".

In a fairly lengthy discussion on the British Democracy Forum with UKIP supporters, Healey spouts reams and reams of pseudo-intellectual nonsense repeatedly calling for the forced repatriation of immigrants and their descendants.

The English Democrats aren't having much luck with their MEP candidates. South east of England candidate, Julia Gasper, who was forced to resign from UKIP after calling gay rights a "lunatics charter" and linking homosexuality with bestiality, wrote on her blog that there are "too many gay people" in position of power and said that World Aids Day is responsible for spreading disease around the world. Meanwhile, their lead candidate for the south east of England and EDL activist, Steve Uncles, is due to appear at Maidstone Crown Court on June 12th to answer 10 twice-denied charges of electoral fraud relating to the local elections last year.

If you'd like more information on how the English Democrats would manage this forced repatriation of 6m people or prevent gays from becoming MPs, you can ring their campaign hotline on 01293 873894.