Thursday, 19 June 2014

Disgraced Lib Dem MP Hancock admits "inappropriate and unprofessional" relationship

Disgraced independent Lib Dem MP, Mike Hancock, has admitted having an "inappropriate and unprofessional" relationship with a mentally ill teenager.


The CPS decided not to charge Hancock when the complaint of sexual assault was made four years ago and again when Portsmouth City Council referred the results of their investigation to them. Hancock denied the sexual assault at the time and still hasn't admitted it, resulting in the victim of this "inappropriate and unprofessional" relationship taking out a civil case against him in the High Court which he continued to deny until yesterday.

Hancock has admitted to having an "inappropriate and unprofessional" relationship with the mentally ill woman who was a teenager at the time and apologised for falsely claiming that the case she brought against him was financially motivated. He's also apologised for the distress it caused her and her son and the worsening of her psychiatric condition that occured as a result. He tried to avoid going to court because of his own mental state as a result of the case which saw him checking in to a Priory clinic where he remained during his election campaign last month but the judge forced him to face justice.

Hancock lost his seat on Portsmouth City Council last month to UKIP's Cllr Julie Swan. The Lib Dems did a deal not to put a candidate up against him but that wasn't enough to save his skin. The people of Portsmouth don't want this lying sleaze representing them and if he had any honour he would resign. Hancock should be the poster boy of the campaign to introduce voter recall for MPs that would have allowed the people of Portsmouth to rid themselves of this leech long ago.