Wednesday 16 July 2014

Common EU car number plates proposed

The EU Commission is considering proposals by a Dutch MEP to harmonise car numberplates across the EU and include ID tags on them.

The leader of the eurofederalist Tories, Syed Kamall, said that he will oppose the plans:
We aim to keep our number plates just as they are, thank you.

You can bet your life the common design would incorporate the EU flag. The eurocrats have failed to force us to put their symbol on our sports shirts or to fly it above our public they are trying make it compulsory on our cars.
The Tories have shown how ineffectual they are in the EU, no matter how much grandstanding they do. Jean Claude Juncker has just been appointed president of the EU Commission despite David Cameron promising to block his appointment. David Cameron is telling the public that he's negotiating "reform" of the EU and will take back powers but in November 43 national vetoes will be abolished and the Home Secretary recently opted back in to 35 common justice and police measures.

Kamall and his fellow eurofederalist Conservative MEPs can oppose the plans all they want but they'll go ahead regardless and they'll be implemented by a compliant, nodding dog British government. The only way to stop things like this happening is to leave the EU and with yesterday's appointment of eurofederalist peer, Lord Hill, as EU Commissioner the Tories have jumped even further into the pro-EU camp. The only way we will leave the EU is with UKIP MPs in Westminster.