Sunday, 17 August 2014

Leicester UKIPper joins extremist Respect Party

The Secretary of UKIP's Leicester branch has resigned and joined the Respect Party, claiming it is because of a racist party member.

Ismail Patel, who joined UKIP a year ago, said that he received racist messages on Facebook from someone who he believed to be a UKIP member. He claims that the party didn't do anything about it so he joined Respect.

UKIP's national press officer, Gawain Towler, said that he had offered to go to Leicester so that Patel could show him the messages as he had blocked the sender and the party was unable to identify the sender. Patel left the party instead of co-operating.

Patel said that he bit his tongue about "a bit of petty racism" he encountered when he joined the party because he "agreed with a lot of the things UKIP stands for". One has to wonder what it was he agreed with having left a right of centre, eurosceptic, monocultural party for an extreme left wing, europhile, Islamic party. Anyone would think there was an alternative agenda at play here ...