Thursday, 4 September 2014

Thurrock Labour campaigning before deceased councillor's funeral

UKIP Thurrock have criticised Thurrock Labour Party for campaigning for their candidate to replace the recently-deceased Labour councillor, Andy Smith, before his funeral has even been held.

Thurrock Labour have been delivering newspapers eulogising Cllr Smith and attacking UKIP whilst the man they hope to replace him and their PPC for the general election have been attending surgeries held by Labour councillors to promote themselves.

Tim Aker MEP said that UKIP made the decision not to start campaigning for the by-election until after Cllr Smith's funeral out of respect for his family and friends and described Labour's political campaigning as "shocking and completely inappropriate".
The fact that Labour are already putting out leaflets that promote their new candidate and attack UKIP is in my view, shocking and completely inappropriate.

We all know that Labour's Polly Billington is scared stiff of UKIP’s rise in Thurrock. But this really is a brand of desperate politics that represents the lowest of the low.

UKIP will not be campaigning in West Thurrock and South Stifford until after Andy Smith's funeral.