Friday, 26 September 2014

UKIP's tanks are on Labour's lawn

Nigel Farage has told conference in Doncaster today that "we are now parking our tanks on the Labour Party's lawn".

Farage said that he's sick and tired of hearing the nonsense that voting for UKIP will let Labour win and that the message that should come out of this conference is that voting UKIP means you get UKIP.

Labour's shadow minister for the Cabinet Officer, the gaffe-prone Michael Dugher MP, said "The ex-banker, ex-Tory boy Farage is a politician trying to fool the public with weasel words - but working people will see through his act". Nigel Farage has never been a banker, he used to trade in metal futures. Dugher can't even get Farage's job history right, why would anyone take what he says about UKIP seriously?