Tuesday, 14 October 2014

BBC Panorama hatchet job on Farage and UKIP

The BBC finally aired the Panorama hatchet job last night that Nigel Farage has been warning us about for the last few weeks and what a disgraceful piece of politically-motivated gutter journalism it was too.

The BBC's charter says that the BBC must be impartial and balanced but this programme was anything but. The programme set out to attempt to discredit Nigel Farage and UKIP from the outset, dredging up disaffected former members, defectors and agitators to sling mud.

There was no balance to the programme, just a string of baseless accusations and innuendo. It was like watching a televised version of the anti-UKIP Junius blog and many of the slurs Darragh MacIntyre came out with appeared to be lifted directly from that website.

Panorama spent two years putting together their programme and many of UKIP's opponents were hoping that it would bring down Farage. What's actually happened is that the BBC have been widely criticised for their bias and a large number of complaints have been made. You can add your own complaint via the BBC Complaints website.