Friday, 10 October 2014

Looking outside the box.

UKIP 1 Establishment 0.
While the Tories and Labour make silly excuses and Limps try and spin their lack of results as a labour and Tory problem, UKIP should be jubilant in the results we have garnered over the last few weeks in the polls and elections. And rightly so.

Now is the time for us all to pull together, I know some think we are taking a new direction, but as the party of the people we are going in their direction and it is working.
We have to have faith in the leadership and back them even if we do not agree with their decisions at the time because it seems their decisions are working for the greater good of the party.

We need to go with the flow on the good ship UKIP and see where it takes us.

We can not get our main goals of EU withdrawal and equality within our own country, some say our vision is inward but to me it is not, looking inward is concentrating on the Eu whereas we could look outward to the world for trade partnerships and the betterment of all and not just a secular section of the world called Europe. We need to concentrate on spelling out to the masses the flaws and inconsistencies of Europe.

We now have to pull together and fight as one Unit. The peoples army.

On QT last night some of the snipes at UKIP were from an uneducated view, we will not change that view hostility, we have to show why we think it is wrong and why our vision will benefit the UK and beyond.

They talked of a 30 billion hole in the NHS by 2020, well the logical and simple solution would be get our country back and stop a 10 billion a year pay out in membership fees, plus all the quangos to do with the dictacts from Brussels.

The HS2 vanity project being scrapped would save 80 billion plus.

Global trading would bring in millions and we can only have that by going it alone, without the EU shackles.

We need to be less insular and look outward, our new trade deal with China = unnecessary tariff expenditure due to our EU membership, the commonwealth can not be traded with because of our EU membership. Growth is stifled by our bailing out of declining economies in the Eurozone.

One idiot stated about Education within Europe, We are the only country, apart from Scotland, that has to pay, the EU students get grants to get education in the UK, so we fund it via taxes and fees.

They call us insular, well they are the insular ones, the world is bigger than Europe.

I just wish people could see that instead of the doctrine views spewed out by the small insular minded LIBLABCON brainwashing that they all hang on.

So lets fight as one, it is not about right and left. IT IS ABOUT RIGHT AND WRONG.