Friday 9 January 2015

LibDemVoice likens Charlie Hebdo victims to KKK and EDL

While people all over the world came together to express their solidarity with the victims of the fatal attack on the French satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo and Parisians in general who were living in fear of further attacks, LibDemVoice got on with the important business of likening the murdered Charlie Hebdo writers to the KKK and the EDL.
Charlie Hebdo was, and is, a racist, xenophobic and bigoted  publication. Sometimes it attacked powerful targets like the Catholic Church but it was largely white men attacking powerless, marginalised and oppressed groups in France, especially Muslims who face horrific levels of discrimination. That’s not "satire", it’s bullying.
Imagine if something similar, god forbid, had happened to the EDL or Anjem Choudary’s group who protest the funerals of dead soldiers. Imagine if a KKK organisation in the US had been bombed. Would people really be saying, without even thinking about who they’re endorsing, “I am the EDL”, “I am Choudary” or “I am KKK”?
Charlie Hebdo published things that they knew would incense some Muslims. They did it expecting to offend people and expecting a backlash. They also published things that they knew would incense some Christians and Jews, white and black people, politicians and public figures. They did it because they can and because it's important in a healthy democracy that someone is pushing the boundaries. What they wouldn't have expected is for a small group of Muslim extremists to walk into their offices and start shooting people and then lay siege to a factory full of people demanding to get away with it.

You'd have thought that even the most limp lefty liberal would find it impossible to attack the dead victims of religious extremists but it would appear that nothing is beyond the pale for hand-wringing Lib Dems.

Hat-tip: Guido