Friday, 13 February 2015

Arron Banks responds to tax dodger accusation

Scottish-Italian comedian, Armando Ianucci, accused UKIP donor Arron Banks of being a tax dodger using companies based in Belize on Question Time. Here's Arron Banks' response:
Dear Mr Ianucci,

I understand you mentioned me on question time in connection with the use of Belizean/ overseas companies to reduce my tax bill including a company in Belize and a service company .

I do not own any companies in Belize so this comment is clearly defamatory.

I believe it is recycling an old guardian story which was incorrect - I have made charitable donations to the Belize children's hospital and hosted a function for them . This was for a cancer charity .

Meanwhile the service company mentioned is in respect of mainly UK staff and expenses incurred and does not save any UK tax . The company does not produce revenue .

I have created over 5000 local jobs in South Gloucestershire and donated over a million pounds to charity including , local churches , facilities for schools , scouts, Cubs , cricket and hockey clubs and local sports clubs in the area.

I paid 2m pounds in tax , over the last two years - probably more than most Italians one imagines.

Particularly funny ones .

I do not own any Belizean companies or seek to avoid UK tax via any device - I expect an apology within 7 days or proceedings will follow .

Best regards

Ps love the thick of it !
Your move Signor Iannuci.