Saturday, 28 February 2015

Deputy Leader of Sandwell Council and another Labour councillor resign over corruption allegations

The Deputy Leader of Sandwell Council, Mahboob Hussain, has resigned from his post and suspended himself from the Labour Party over continued allegations of impropriety relating over the sale of council properties. The cabinet member for regeneration, Ian Jones, has also resigned and suspended his membership of the Labour Party.

UKIP councillor Phillip Garrett and two other councillors asked for an investigation into the sale of the former HM Coroners Office in Smethwick to Mahboob Hussain's son for £80k which he then sold at auction seven months later for £120k.

Hussain also failed to declare that he and his wife between them owned half the shares in a taxi and minibus firm that was awarded a multi-million pound contract by Sandwell Council and accusations of vote rigging have also been made.

Sandwell is starting to look like another Tower Hamlets ...