Friday, 13 March 2015

Lib Dem PPC tells undercover reporter how to make fraudulent donations

The Lib Dems' chief fundraiser, racial equality spokesman and PPC for Brent Central, Ibrahim Taguri, has been caught in a sting by the Independent telling an undercover reporter posing as an Indian businessman how to fraudulently donate money to the Lib Dems in secret,

Some of the ways Taguri told the reporter to cheat the system include backdating cheques so they can be declared against a different financial year, splitting donations between himself and his wife and giving his cousins the money so they can donate it in smaller amounts between them.

As well as telling him how to commit fraud he also explained that his donations would but him "help" from the party, including putting the reporter in touch with someone at the GLA who might be able to help him get grants for this fictional housing company and dinners with cabinet ministers including Nick Clegg.

Taguri has voluntarily withdrawn himself from the Lib Dem whip and will stand as an independent candidate in the May election but intends to return to the Lib Dems after the election once he has cleared his name. From the Independent's report it looks like he's been caught bang to rights but based on past experience of the Electoral Commission allowing the Lib Dems to keep £2.4m in illegal donations of stolen money from a convicted fraudster he should get away with it.