Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Nazi-grade propaganda that would have made Goebbels look like an amateur

The BBC screened their own mockumentary The Great European Disaster on Sunday night, painting a picture of a Europe with closed borders, forced deportation of immigrants, terrorists advancing on Vienna and airports closing at short notice ... and all because the EU has ceased to exist.

This programme was propaganda at its worst. It was so well produced that it was impossible to tell who was a fictional character and who was the genuine article. It used imagery of Nazi death camps and the genocide in Srebrenica in Bosnia (which happened under the watchful eyes of EU peacekeepers, a fact that they failed to mention). It was a propaganda file for EU federalism and socialism paid for with taxpayers' money and broadcast on a channel that is required by law to be balanced and impartial.

Right at the start the programme used footage of the second world war and quoted Churchill out of context extolling the virtues of a European union. They left out the bit where he said it was for Europe and not for us. They had a fake news report saying that Prime Minister Farage of Great England (the UK has broken up in this fictional future because the EU has collapsed) has deported all immigrants who have lived in the country for less than 10 years. In the programme, Spain has closed all access to Gibraltar because the EU wasn't there to stop them. Just like Spain was doing last year whilst the EU stood by and watched it happen.

Because the EU has collapsed, ISIS is advancing well into Europe with fighting against hordes of invading Muslim terrorists on the streets of Vienna. The collapse of the EU has caused the worst economic disaster in history (worse than the one the EU have presided over) and the break-up of the €uro has caused "carnage". There are power blackouts all over Europe and extreme weather conditions.

In this post-EU future, a child has been deported from England because her immigrant mother doesn't earn enough money (that evil UKIP again), Germans are banned from entering France which is now run by the French National Front and you have to buy a visa before you can travel between different countries, just like you don't have to do for travel to most of the world.

The makers of the programme have taken the most extreme set of circumstances that they can make sound plausible and turned them into an hour and a half of Nazi-grade propaganda that would have made Goebbels look like an amateur. It preyed on every fear, insecurity and prejudice that the population could have and demonised their opponents.

Unsurprisingly, it transpires that the programme has been partly funded by the EU so that it can be translated into other languages to be broadcast across the EU. Our taxes are being used to produce and distribute naked socialist, federalist propaganda across Europe whilst at home it's being peddled by the BBC which has received £2.2m of EU funding in the last 2 years.

Complaints about the BBC's bias can be submitted here and complaints to OFCOM can be submitted here.