Saturday, 11 April 2015

English Democrats candidate defects to UKIP

An English Democrat candidate in Kettering has defected to UKIP.

Kevin Sills has represented the English Democrats at a number of elections but realised that he wants "our country to be free and independent and now realise that UKIP offers the best pathway for this ambition".

The English Democrats switched from supporting an English Parliament within the union to English independence a couple of years ago. At one time they had a very active membership in the north of England and were able to secure the mayoralty of Doncaster with Peter Davies. A huge influx of BNP members and a significant lurch to the far right drove Davies and most of their active campaigners out of the party.

The chairman of the English Democrats, solicitor Robin Tilbrook, launched a vexatious defamation case against me for a blog post written on Bloggers4UKIP calling the English Democrats racist in light of the influx of BNP members into the party. The case was thrown out as it made no reference to him, either express or implied. At the time he called it "a technicality". The judge called it the law. His number two, Steve Uncles, is currently awaiting trial for 10 counts of election fraud relating to last year's local elections where a number of fake candidates and false nominations were submitted, including one that supposedly lived at the house that was demolished to build the house he currently lives in.

Kevin Sills joins a long line of former English Democrats who have joined UKIP and will be seeking election under the UKIP banner this year.