Sunday, 19 April 2015

Former UKIP candidate Alex Wood victim of smear campaign again

Convicted internet troll and former Conservative Party activist, Joshua Bonehill-Pain, has been interviewed by the police for harassment yet again, this time over a fake Twitter account harassing a gay poverty campaigner.

Bonehead-Pain-in-the-arse is believed to be running fake social media accounts in the name of Alex Wood, the UKIP candidate who was the victim of a criminal smear campaign in 2013. He is also believed to be behind the fake website claiming to be UKIP candidate, Colin Mair, which has been publishing racist and homophobic content in his name.

UKIP have denounced the fake Twitter account and called the police. Bonehead has bragged about this being his "15th arrest for free speech". Earlier this year he was given spared jail and given community service after being convicted of making false accusations of paedophilia against UKIP supporters.