Sunday 5 April 2015

Left wing extremists paint swastikas on war veteran's UKIP posters

A veteran of the Allied assault on Monte Cassino during the second world war has been left angry and shaken after left wing extremists daubed a swastika and Hitler moustache on a UKIP poster on his property.

Frank Moody, who has been a parish councillor in Hampshire for 36 years, took part in the assault on the German defences at Monte Cassino when he was just 20 years old. The series of assaults against the Germans cost over 55,000 Allied lives.

Cllr Moody said:
I fought Hitler in the war against the Nazis, so it made me very angry to find swastikas outside my gate. This is supposed to be a democratic country. That’s what I fought for.
The police have been notified but they have proven to be largely impotent and/or disinterested with the other attacks on UKIP and its supporters by left wing extremists.