Sunday 10 May 2015

Heads up - Camerons fake 'renegotiation' on migration.

Been listening to what is being said about migration - particularly on the BBC, usually the first hint of the line that the government will be pushing.

Brits are sick of open door migration - Labour and Conservatives now recognise this. (Previously I would have said 'LibLabCon' but Lib are irrelevant now).

You'll know UKIP propose a points based migration system - if the UK don't want/need a migrant, they can't come here.

However the EU have said that freedom of movement is not negotiable... So what Cameron wants to spin is that people *are* happy for the UK having open door migration, as long as people arriving here don't have access to all UK benefits...

This is simply a lie. Having migrants in the UK with no money, housing, healthcare will mean sick, starving migrants sleeping on our streets... if someone is allowed to enter the UK then there is little choice but to give them food, shelter and healthcare - otherwise they will pollute our cities and streets.

So this lie needs to be killed at birth - the public must make clear that it is not 'benefits for unwanted migrants' that matter, what matters is unwanted  migrants arriving at all.