Monday 18 May 2015

JCB owners and chief executive say we should vote to leave the EU

The owners and Chief Executive of JCB have said that the UK should vote to leave the EU if meaningful reforms to the bureaucracy and red tape surrounding business can't be secured.

When asked if the UK should leave an unreformed, JCB Chief Executive, Graeme MacDonald, said:
I think it would be, because I really don’t think it would make a blind bit of difference to trade with Europe. There has been far too much scaremongering about things like jobs. I don’t think it’s in anyone’s interest to stop trade. I don’t think we or Brussels will put up trade barriers.
Lord Bamford, the Chairman of JCB, who has donated £2.6m to the Conservatives in the last 5 years said:
We could negotiate as our own country rather than being one of 28 nations in Brussels as we are today