Monday, 21 September 2015

UKIP NI councillor Henry Reilly remains UKIP councillor despite suspension from internal party activities for 3 months

UKIP's first councillor in Northern Ireland, Henry Reilly, has been suspended from internal party activities for 3 months over a spat with the party's leader in NI, David McNarry MLA.

Reilly is an extremely popular councillor in Northern Ireland both in UKIP and the wider unionist community but he and McNarry haven't seen eye to eye for some time. The current disagreement seems to revolve around Reilly being prevented from appointing spokesmen for the NI party and the subsequent publicising of his suspension by McNarry following which Reilly accused him of bringing the party into disrepute.

As we understand it, Cllr Reilly remains a full and active member of UKIP and continues to sit as a UKIP councillor but is currently prevented from taking part in internal party matters whilst head office try to make some sense of what is happening over there.