Wednesday 7 October 2015

Go Team Vanessa! Do your bit with a tweet or two! Support UKIP Bournemouth East!

The first two episodes of BBC4's new reality show 'Close to the Edge' went out last night - and more to come for the next four Tuesdays.

One of the stars is UKIP's Vanessa Coleman a top local fund raiser and activist!

This is some of the most positive coverage of UKIP I have seen on BBC - and Vanessa was very brave to do it.

UKIP detractors will be out on social media on the attack, so it would be good if UKIP supporters could give her their backing and support her putting UKIP in a good light on national TV.

It is a reality show, so don't expect car chases and explosions :) - but rivalry like that between Vanessa and Babs hasn't been seen since Dallas!

So do watch, do get onto social media (especially twitter) and give Vanessa your support on the hash tag #CTTE - every little helps!

And, of course, follow her weekly podcast on