Friday 29 January 2016

Our MP's - selfish, ignorant b*st*rds.

It had to be said... because it is true and the evidence has just been laid before us...

Just the other day our MPs were merrily creating new laws/punishments/restrictions to lord over us - in this instance banning 'legal highs' - when all of a sudden, one of them piped up the he enjoyed one particular 'legal high' so asked for it to be excluded from the ban...

The other MP's, recognising one of their own being inconvenienced (and realising it could be them next time) agreed this was very serious and needed addressing - so it has been marked for review.

Did any MP ask the public what legal highs they like/want? -- here is a clue... look at the sales. If the item sells, then it is popular and many people like/want it, if there are no sales then the item is unpopular and doesn't need banning as no one uses it anyway...

But they are MP's and we are plebs - we are here for them to abuse, and they will do so as long as it doesn't inconvenience them...

Does this sound like a baseless rant from some kind of anarchist? Well you might get away with such a dismissal if that were all - but what do we read to day?
Sharia law may stop MPs drinking: Bars will be banned if politicians move to Department of Health - because of secret deal to finance Islamic bond scheme.

MP's were to be moved on a temporary basis while the Palace of Westminster (House of Commons) was being renovated - but it transpires the building they were to move to has a clause in its lease that bans alcohol on the premises.

It is no big news to any of we plebs that a place of work allows no alcohol. But to MP's this is unthinkable - a workplace without a bar to drink at! If you wrote to you MP complaining about a lack of alcohol at work (let alone lack of tax subsidised alcohol) what kind of reply do you think you would receive?

How do MP's imagine the current occupants of this government building get by without alcohol on the premises? Are the MPs outraged? What do you think? I bet they don't give it a thought at all - and if they did would *back* the ban on others having access to alcohol!

But what is worse is that in this particular case it is a government policy that caused the legal ban (rather than just an employment policy based ban) on alcohol... to back a government 'sharia bond' scheme the Department of Health building was leased back on sharia terms... this entire situation is of our MPs making - and when they created this situation do you think they considered for one second the impact it might have on mere plebs? No, plebs do not matter to MP's, they treat and subject us to things that they would not knowingly/willing impose on themselves in a million years.

Our MP's - selfish, ignorant b*st*rds.

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