Tuesday 16 February 2016

Labour back #BRExit - but are too stupid to realise! (figures...) #EUOut

I know you have to be stupid to be a socialist, but this is simply amazing... Labour conference said
Conference opposes working with any campaign or faction in the forthcoming Referendum which supports or advocates cutting employment or social rights for people working in the United Kingdom.
Got that? They are interested in rights... so who controls what rights we can or cant set in the UK?

Oh... its the EU... if they want to cut rights, by pricing industry out of the UK with green taxes, or destroy employment by signing up to TTIP they can, and UK have no control...

If you want a say in rights for people living in the UK, you are best advised to vote for #BRExit and do it at Westminster where we have directly elected representatives...

Not have the agenda set by the 30 odd unelected, unaccountable, alien EU Commissioners in Brussels...


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[First Published at: http://free-english-people.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/labour-back-brexit-but-are-too-stupid.html]