Sunday 28 February 2016

Residents of Faribourne taking legal action over global warming plan

Residents in the Welsh village of Fairbourne in Cardigan Bay are planning to take legal action after a council coastal management plan left their homes worthless through global warming propaganda.

Gwynedd Council has written coastal management plan for Cardigan Bay which assumes that sea levels will rise by 3.3ft in the next 40 years because of global warming, wiping out the village. Homes in the village have now been valued at zero by estate agents, making them impossible to sell.

Despite a couple of decades of sustained scaremongering by global warming propaganda merchants global temperatures have failed to rise, the ice caps have failed to melt and low-lying islands and coastal areas have stubbornly refused to be drowned under rising sea levels. The science of global warming isn't science at all, it's a series of alarmist stories to create headlines and keep research grants rolling in.

This financially and politically motivated scam has already claimed the lives of countless elderly and vulnerable people who are forced by "green" taxes to choose between eating and heating. Now the values of peoples' homes are being wiped out by the same scam.