Monday 22 February 2016

We're backing GO

The EU referendum is a once in a lifetime opportunity to free ourselves from the undemocratic, unproductive, corrupt EU and to ensure that we have the best possible chance of getting the right result for the country we need the myriad leave campaigns to work together.

We are therefore backing the Grassroots Out leave campaign in its bid to be given official designation by the Electoral Commission and urging all leave campaigners to join GO and work together to secure the result we all want.

It is increasingly apparent that Vote Leave is the group of choice for politicians whilst Leave.EU is presenting a more tabloid campaign designed to appeal to the man on the street. There's nothing wrong with tailoring those campaigns to a particular audience but they need to work together rather than pulling in opposite directions or playing games of one upmanship.

So we are calling on Vote Leave and Leave.EU to put their differences aside and work together constructively under the GO umbrella alongside the the likes of Business for Britain, Better Off Out and the Freedom Association who have already joined forces under the GO banner.