Saturday, 19 March 2016

Birmingham Labour candidate resigns over homophobia

A gay member of the Hall Green Labour Party's executive committee has resigned from the committee over homophobia within the Birmingham Labour Party.

Luke Holland says that he has been told to hide the fact that he is gay or his selection as an election candidate would be blocked and has been on the receiving end of homophobic comments from Labour councillors.

Chair of LGBT* in UKIP, Flo Lewis, said:
It is utterly shameful that in the 21st century individuals still suffer at the hands of homophobia and discrimination. It is a further shame that this individual had to resign in order to evoke an investigation. Instances like these demonstrate that homophobia goes beyond political party. It is a problem that we must unite and tackle as a society.
Holland has threatened to resign from the Labour Party if nothing is done to address the homophobia in the party.