Thursday 7 April 2016

British government will spend £9m on EU propaganda leaflet for every household

The British government is planning to spend more than £9m on sending a pro-EU leaflet to every household.

This £9m won't come out of the spending limit for the Remain campaign and will be in addition to the £700k or so of taxpayers' money that the Remainians will get when the Electoral Commission designates an official campaign.

Speaking of the Electoral Commission, they aren't happy about this leaflet. They have taken the unusual step of publicly criticising the government, saying that it isn't right and shouldn't be sent. They are, of course, powerless to prevent it being sent because no dictatorship worth its salt would allow an electoral commission to do its job effectively when it comes to distributing propaganda or enforcing election spending rules, for instance.

It has been suggested that the letters should be returned to 10 Downing Street marked "return to sender" but Royal Mail will ensure they are just discarded rather than deliver van loads of letters to wherever it is Downing Street's mail goes (it isn't Downing Street). A much better option would be to send it on to your local MP with a suitable and polite message explaining what the government can do with its propaganda. If they have a freepost address drop it in the mail. Or if you prefer hand deliver it to their constituency office. In a large group with a photographer in tow.