Thursday 28 April 2016

EU threatens £93m legal action against UK over HGV Levy

The EU has threatened the British government with legal action after they botched the implementation of a policy they nicked from UKIP.

In 2014 the Tories implemented a version of UKIP's Britdisc, requiring foreign owned lorries to pay to use our roads. But they made the mistake of reducing road tax for UK-based lorries at the same time which the EU Commission has decided gives an unfair advantage.

If they are not convinced by the British government's response they will take the UK to the EU Court of Injustice where the taxpayer is likely to have to stump up more than £90m that has been raised from the HGV Levy.

UK haulage firms are already facing unprecedented challenges from high fuel prices, high taxes, cut price competition from abroad, crippling fines for the mistakes of border staff and violent attacks from illegal immigrants at ports. The HGV Levy goes some way to redressing the balance but if the EU get their way our hauliers will be on the back foot again.