Thursday, 14 April 2016

Green MEP and EU official call for ban on referenda

The Co-President of the EU Green group has joined the Director of the EU Asia Centre, Fraser Cameron, in calling for referenda to be banned across the EU.

Rebecca Harms MEP, a German Green MEP, wants to ban referenda on things that she thinks aren't suitable such as the €uro, immigration and trade agreements. Fraser Cameron went further the other day, calling for an outright ban on referenda.

Europhiles are unhappy at having to very publicly ignore the result of a Dutch referendum on an EU treaty with Ukraine which was rejected at the ballot box. The EU preference is not to ask voters for opinions because they might not get the "right" answer and then they have to go to the effort of rigging another referendum to make sure they get the result they wanted or just ignoring the result which leads people to ask inconvenient questions about democracy and why they no longer have any.