Monday 18 April 2016

The Great Tory #BRExit Con.

If UK convincingly votes 'remain' all bets are off, the UK is dead and we are history.

If UK votes for BRExit, Cameron will resign, Boris will take over and start (supposedly) negotiating our exit deal.

However, in Conservative hands it will not be a brexit deal - it will be an 'improved' remain deal...

This will be completed ready for the 2018 UK general election - and the general election will be presented as a second referendum on brexit.

Conservatives will go into GE2018 taking a win as support for their 'new improved' remain deal (associate membership).

It will be essential for UKIP to be in GE2018 and to win it - as they will (again) be the only part completely committed to brexit. And the only person I trust to lead UKIP doing this is Nigel Farage - whatever his faults, he is the only big name politician I trust to genuinely deliver brexit, because he is the only one who really believes in British values, British culture and a British future.