Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Vote Leave designated official leave campaign

The Electoral Commission has designated Vote Leave the official leave campaign for the EU Referendum.

The decision wasn't a surprise as one Tory MP congratulated Vote Leave on their designation last night, two days ahead of tomorrow's deadline which may have forced the Electoral Commission into making the announcement today.

UKIP's NEC has voted unanimously to get behind Vote Leave whilst Aaron Banks says he intends to seek a judicial review on behalf of Leave.EU which could potentially delay the referendum until October. Grassroots Out says that it will continue to campaign within the reduced spending limit.

The Electoral Commission decided that the politician's choice was the campaign that would best represent leave campaigners rather than Grassroots Out. Vote Leave is a much slicker campaign with the most professional politicians behind it but Grassroots Out is the blue collar campaign that wanted to pull everyone together. Regardless of the dubiousness of the Electoral Commission's reasoning, we now all need to get behind the designated leave campaign and win this referendum. Refusing to support Vote Leave, wasting time and money on legal proceedings or any other distractions are not going to help the campaign, we have just 70 days to secure our independence.