Monday, 9 May 2016

UKIP takes control of Lancing Parish Council

UKIP took control of Lancing Parish Council in last week's local elections, becoming the third council in England to be controlled by UKIP.

Ramsey Town Council came under the control of UKIP in 2011 when nine of the 17 available seats went to UKIP candidates. Even the anti-UKIP Independent newspaper couldn't find fault with Ramsey's UKIP councillors when they went to Ramsey to see what life was like under a UKIP-controlled council.

More recently Thanet District Council came under UKIP control last year. After a handful of defections and resignations over plans for Manston Airport the party has exactly half the seats on the council. Thanet Council was recently commended by an independent panel peer reviewing its progress who highlighted its "respected political leadership" and "improved cross-party relationships" with UKIP at the helm.

UKIP won 10 of the 16 available seats on Lancing Parish Council last week with the Conservatives taking 4 and Labour 2. The Lib Dems lost their three councillors.