Tuesday 7 June 2016

ITV's Cameron -v- Farage show was a farcical waste of an hour's TV scheduling

ITV's David Cameron -v- Nigel Farage event turned out to be a complete farce with yellow belly Dave too scared to go head to head with Farage.

The format of the programme was Nigel Farage spend half an hour having quotes from Remain activists read to him and then being interrupted by the audience and the presenter so he couldn't answer broken up by a couple of black women shouting at him about how racist he is whilst David Cameron got batted some soft questions and was allowed to answer the questions virtually interrupted for his entire half an hour.

The entire programme was a waste of an hour. Cameron and Farage didn't appear on stage together, the people picked to ask Farage questions were openly hostile towards him personally and two of them had no interest in the referendum whatsoever and just wanted their moment of fame in the Huffington Post and the Guardian for screaming racist at him. The programme is unlikely to have convinced many people to vote either way and will have done more harm than good to ITV's reputation as a serious broadcaster.

If anyone is able to provide some background into the bigots pictured below who were there just to disrupt the programme and scream racist at Nigel Farage, feel free to leave a comment.