Saturday 25 June 2016

Our first 24 hours of freedom

First 24 hours of freedom and it's still hard to believe that we did it.

World War 3 hasn't started, the lights are still on and people are still inexplicably able to go to their local Tesco without a visa. In fact, I it wasn't for the endless TV coverage telling us we're all stupid racists, the constant whining on social media from Remain supporters and the democracy loving left rioting in London demanding the result be overturned because they don't agree with it, you wouldn't know that anything had happened.

David Cameron has rightly fallen on his sword and we will have a new Prime Minister by October. The CBI have decided that business will adapt to life outside the EU after all. The pound has dipped a little but is around its two year midpoint, as is the FTSE. Financial, economic and social armageddon has so far failed to materialise. Who'd have thunk it?