Saturday 11 June 2016

Sir James Dyson backs Leave

Sir James Dyson is backing the campaign to leave the EU and said that the idea that the EU will stop trading with us when we leave is "cobblers".

The billionaire inventor says that the EU sells us twice as much as we sell them with the deficit running at about £100bn a year and if the EU decided to impose 10% tariffs on UK exports we could do the same, raising an additional £10bn of revenue for the Treasury.

Dyson is critical of the British government's racist immigration policy which discriminates against non-EU workers. Because it's impossible to control the number of people who come here from the EU, the British government's only option other than leaving the EU is to put harsh restrictions on non-EU immigration in an attempt to drive down numbers. Dyson says this means it takes four and a half months to bring in a skilled foreign worker from outside the EU but you have no problem hiring a low paid barista from the EU.

The mad cows at the BSE campaign said "James Dyson wanted the UK to join the Euro. He was wrong then and he is wrong now". So by extension that must mean the Remain campaign's big backers who all campaigned to join the €uro are also wrong.