Monday, 20 June 2016

Who supports Brexit?

Everyone must have seen the various graphics on social media from Remainiacs trying to suggest that the Leave campaign is supported only by disgruntled Tories in their 50s, racists and despots whilst the Remain campaign is supported by young and dynamic people, world leaders and the enlightened and educated intelligentsia. UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott has put together his own list just to show how easily these things are manipulated.

Who supports Brexit? A quick list...

  • Dyson
  • JCB
  • The State Bank of India
  • Trade unions RMT, Aslef and the Bakers Union
  • Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey
  • Tim Martin / Wetherspoons
  • John Longworth (suspended as Director General of British Chamber of Commerce for supporting Brexit)
  • Senior politicians in Switzerland, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand and the USA
  • Five Cabinet Ministers
  • The whole of UKIP
  • One of the Green Party's three members of the House of Lords
  • The Democratic Unionist Party (Northern Ireland)
  • Almost half of all Conservative MPs
  • Some Labour MPs
  • Julian Thompson (Major General, Royal Marines)
  • The head of the world's largest sovereign wealth fund
  • Ronald Noble (Former Head of Interpol)
  • Lord Owen (Former SDP leader & Labour Foreign Minister)
  • Rocco Forte (Forte Hotels)
  • Mark Littlewood (Director General of the Institute for Economic Affairs)
  • Cancer researcher Professor Gus Dalgleish
  • Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of MI6

Who supports remaining in the EU? A quick list...

  • A convicted terrorist who is now an elected politician for Sinn Fein
  • Banks Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley, responsible for the financial crisis
  • Disgraced and jailed former Europe Minister Denis MacShane
  • Abu Hamza
  • George Osborne 
  • David Cameron
  • Angela Merkel
  • Unelected EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker
  • Various organisations which have been leaned on by Downing Street and the European Commission